Frugal Living — The Ultimate 2022 Guide

What Is Frugal Living? (Are You Just Being A Cheap Skate)

What Is Frugal Living? — Financial Organising

How Do You Live Frugal In 2021? (Read Carefully)

“Make Things Happen,” written on a stick it note. Image under the title, “How to start living frugally in 2021.”
  • Direct debit payment dates (plus all other payment dates)
  • Contract ending dates for subscriptions
  • Total monthly Income (For both if living with a partner)

Make A Budget (The Key to Success)

You need to make a budget. This determines where your money goes and what’s left at the end of each month. Budgeting also shows where you need to cut costs.

Frugal Living Tips with A Big Impact (Save Hundreds, Maybe Thousands Each Month)

man surrounded by money from frugal savings
  • Warm Home Discount
  • Free Wall & Loft Insulation
  • Solar Panel energy
  • Turning your thermostat down a notch
  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature
  • Use the ECO feature on the boiler
  • Use the washing line
  • Turn appliances off properly
  • Make sure you’re signed up for the Electoral roll
  • Rarely submit hard credit searches
  • Consider a credit improving credit card (Always pay the total amount each month; otherwise, this is a waste of time)
  • Check details on your credit report and remove any mistakes
  • Never miss payments
  • Keep credit utilization on the low side
  • Cancel unused available credit
  • Unless they can provide a discount, you're going because it’s too expensive. (They will give you a discount)
  • Tell them you’ve been offered a better deal by one of their competitors, and unless they match it, you’re leaving.
Mobile Data Not Needed If You Use Wifi

“Remember that you’re likely using WIFI at home, and most shops and restaurants now offer free WIFI as standard.”

Consider a sim-only deal if your d working order and you’re out of contract. You can get a reasonable amount of data (If needed), unlimited calls, and texts for around 80% less.

debt snowball system

Meal Planning Success

Planning meals and writing a shopping list is a great way to avoid overspending in the supermarket.

shopping discount
  • Make your bread
  • Grow herbs
  • Grow Vegetables
  • Save leftovers for another meal
  • Create stock from a meat carcass
  • Mend your clothes
  • Don’t buy what you can’t afford
  • Brew alcohol

Frugal Living Tips For Seniors

Frugal living for seniors
  • Check insurance — Consider canceling any insurances you don’t need — like ‘workplace cover,’ that you won’t need if you have retired.
  • Downgrade Mobile Plan — Chances are you don’t use the phone as much as you used to while working.
  • Utility Discounts — Discounts are available if you are over a certain age. Check your options for all utility bills.
  • Shopping Discounts — A lot of retailers offer discounts for pensioners. Be sure to ask before you buy.
  • Free Days Out — Getting out and about doesn’t have to be expensive. Research pensioner groups and free pensioner days out in your area.
  • Benefits — Make sure you’re getting everything you’re entitled to. Contact the “Citizens Advice” and ask about benefits you are entitled to as a pensioner.

Frugal Living On One Income

Almost all the advice in this guide is relevant to you, but you need to know several extra things.

More Frugal Living Ideas (Small Changes, Big Results)

A lot of the tips mentioned above are for moderate to significant savings. However, many other methods combined will affect your finances for the better. Some are small changes with small savings, but others can add up to significant savings.

Packed Lunches

Making your lunch for work and children in school will save you money compared to spending money each day from various food outlets.

Eating Out Less

eating out for less

Cheap Fuel Is Available

Purchase fuel from the cheapest outlets. These are typically supermarket garages and not the well-known big brands such as Shell and Esso.

Share Music Subscription Or Use The Free Options

If you love music and have the premium service, you can save money by sharing it with friends or family.

Buy Clothes For Less (Sales)

Most shops have at least two big sales a year. You can pick up some great bargains if you’re quick to act. It’s not hard to know when the sales are happening–Just Google it.

Cut Back The Booze & Cigarettes

This isn’t as easy as it sounds; however, it’s not impossible either. It will save you a lot of money and be good for your health.

Grow Herbs & Spices (Easy To Do)

Save money and grow your own. You don’t need a lot of room, just a few pots and a little guide that can be found online.

Shaving Plans (Recommended)

Cornerstone and Harry’s offer shaving plans to save you money on razors and shaving gel. They will be delivered to your door each month or whenever you need them and typically save you money.

Prescription Plans

If you pay for your medical prescriptions, purchasing an NHS season ticket could be less expensive. This is usually beneficial for those who pay for a prescription at least once a month.

It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Money Starting Today

results no excuses to be frugal



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