How To Get More Web Traffic From A Single Article (Even If You Can’t Write)

It’s not easy to say this, and I don’t take any pleasure in telling you, but your business is going to fail drastically.


Because you’re clueless — You don’t know how to get traffic to your website.

It will destroy you.

With over 4 million blog posts published daily, you’re going to fail miserably unless you know how to adapt.

You need to smarten up — pronto!

I don’t mean to sound like an asshole. Honestly, that’s not my intention, and I apologize if it comes across like that.

I’m just giving you the reality before I provide the solution.

You see, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are ways to beat the system, ways to not fail like the masses.

In this article, I’m going to show you how.

I will show you how to get more web traffic from a single article even if you don’t know how to write. Yes, one single article that can get you more leads, more traffic, more sales, even if you write like a 5-year-old.

Let’s begin.

What Is Quality Content? (You Need To Know This)

You need to understand that for this to work well, you must have amazing content. Good content taps into the reader’s emotions from the start. It almost hypnotizes the reader without them knowing it.

When you first saw this article you were probably interested because of the title. The title uses curiosity, click-through-boosters, and surprise as the main emotions to attract the reader.

You probably thought:

‘This sounds interesting’, ‘Surely, this can’t be right‘.

Then you likely read the first paragraph which utilizes fear and aggression — “You’re going to fail”, “You’re Clueless”, etc.

You probably thought:

‘Who’s this cheeky get’, ‘Who’s the hell does he think he’s talking too‘.

I did this intentionally to get a reaction, to keep you reading, and as the article continues, I will carry on tapping into your emotions until the end, and that’s when I will get you to act, such as visiting a site, checking out my profile, or signing up to a mailing list.

That’s what good content does. It draws you in and provokes a reaction

When you get a piece of content that is well written, SEO optimized, expertly researched, and utilizes human emotions — you have quality content and everything you need for this method to work.

How To Get The Content? Listen Carefully.

You have two choices.

If you have the time and the skills, you can write it yourself, but be warned, it’s not as easy as it looks.

Content marketing is a skill that takes time to master. You don’t learn it overnight.

The other solution, and by far the smartest solution is to hire a certified content marketer. A freelance writer who specializes in this style of writing.

It’s common practice.

Most of the well-known gurus, marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs all use certified content marketers — they don’t write the content themselves.

They hire freelance writers because they’re smart, super busy, and realize that a certified content marketer will do the job better than them.

Where To Find The Good Writers: Certified By Experts.

You need to find highly trained and skilled writers who have passed a rigorous certification in content marketing. Writers that have graduated in a course created by tough successful businesses that know the content industry inside out.

I graduated from Jon Morrow’s “Content Marketing Certification”, and it was tough. You need to excel to pass because these well-known experts are putting their reputations on the line. If they pass a client who’s not good enough, it looks bad on them. People trust their word, and that’s why it’s tough to pass.

If you were to look at a writer’s profile on Jon’s directory site, you would be confident in knowing that you are hiring a quality content marketer that knows how to get results through writing.

Are They A Good Fit For You? (Some Won’t Be).

Once you identify a writer, check out their profile and work samples. A good profile will answer most of your questions and you should get a good feeling if they are a good fit for you.

Take a look at their past work samples and drop them an email to see how they can help you.

Here’s an example of my profile on It’s a short one-page document that shares with you my work samples, fees, process and also explains why you should hire me as a writer.

Below is a list of sites where you can find good writers:

Just remember to look for those that are certified and skilled.

What to Do With Your Article (Let’s Drive Traffic)

The first thing to do is to add your links and images. You can find images for free on sites like ‘Pixabay’. Your links should target related pages on your blog and also a link to the main purpose of the article.

For example: If I had an article that was written to get more subscribers to my email list, I would place a link in the content to my opt-in page, and also to a page on my site, (or another site) that explains a section of the article in more detail. I would also link to the opt-in page through my bio at the end of the article.

Publish On Blog First (Or It Will Be Stolen)

You need to let the search engines know that your blog is the official source for the content. You do this by posting the content on your website first.

Post the content and then head over to Google Console to add the URL to be crawled. This will alert Google that the content is yours. Then post the article on all your social media accounts.

If you want to know how to use Google Console in more depth then read this handy guide here.

Repurpose Content To 10x Your Traffic

Once the search engines have been alerted, it’s time to maximize the article to its full potential to drive more web traffic.

The article will now be on your site. Depending on the target keyword and the size of your social media following, you could be seeing visitors to your site already.

Typically though, you will need to wait a few months for it to start to rank high on Google. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get visitors via other methods while you wait.

8 Ways To Get More Traffic From 1 Article: Pro Tips (With Examples & Templates)

I’m now going to share with you 8 pro tips and methods to repurpose your article. Do as many as you possibly can, the more you do, the more traffic you get.

Method 1 — Email:

Let’s start with your email list.

If you have an email list then send them a teaser email. Just a paragraph or two informing them of the recent article published on the site.

Below is an example:

Hey there,

I have just posted a new article on my blog that shows you how to ????. It’s beneficial to you because ????.

Check it out by clicking on the title below:

The title goes here.

Be sure to share the post with anyone you think could help.

Talk soon,

Your name.

That’s all it takes, a simple and short email to your list. If you haven’t got an email list then build one. You can learn more about how to do this here.

Method 2 — Post It on Medium:

It’s estimated that Medium receives around 120 million visitors each month. It’s full of avid readers waiting to read your article.

It’s free, simple, and a great way to build your following via social media.

Here are 10 more reasons to post on Medium.

Method 3 — Turn It Into A Video:

You can create a short video that explains what the article is about and post it to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

It's super easy to do.

Create a PowerPoint presentation with the main points of the article, and talk briefly about each point. Explain how each point can help them specifically.

At the end of the video tell them where they can go to read the full article. You can also link to the article in the video description.

Method 4 — Create A Cheat Sheet From It:

A cheat-sheet is typically a one-page pdf file that provides a set of instructions or notes as a quick reference to the reader. People like cheat-sheets because they’re usually free and only take a couple of minutes to read.

Pull out the main points from the article and create a cheat-sheet. You can do this on Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

You build traffic by giving the cheat-sheet away on social media. You can also use the cheat-sheet as an incentive for visitors to sign up for your email list.

Method 5 — Tap Into the 2.4 Billion Facebook Users:

Facebook is another great way to drive traffic to your article. You create a page for your business — it’s free. Once you have the page up and running you then purchase ads that send targeted traffic to the article. Yes, this one does cost money, but the rewards are typically good if the content is great

You can also get free traffic from Facebook, but the page you created needs to have lots of fans which normally takes a bit of time. By using ads, this will speed up the exposure to your article and your Facebook page.

Neil Patel has a great article on Facebook ads that explains this in more detail.

Method 6 — Create An Infographic

An infographic is a collection of short notes, images, and charts that display information regarding a topic of interest.

You can create one for free on Canva which provides useful templates. Post it on sites like Reddit and Pinterest to build your business and exposure.

Take the article you have and turn it into an infographic and post it to as many places as possible (Don’t forget to link back to the article).

This article provides you with 21 websites where you can submit your infographic

Method 7 — Create A Webinar

This is a bit different and slightly more advanced, but certainly doable. The idea here is to take your article and use it in full to create slides on Powerpoint, Keynote or Google Slides to show a live broadcast of the information.

Simply elaborate on the slides and at the end of the meeting you put to them a special offer on your website.

The great thing about this method is that you get email sign-ups before they watch your broadcast. You can also record the broadcast and offer the replay as an incentive for people to sign up for your email list.

Webinar Software such as ‘Go To Webinar’, is my recommendation and at present, they offer a free 7 day trial with no credit card required.

Now It’s Time To Take Action (Don’t Be A Failure)

You have an advantage.

Most people who read this article will nod and agree that the information is perfect for them to use. They know it can help their business, but they will sit on their backside and do nothing about it.

But not you.

You can see the power of how one simple article can be transformed into a stampede of traffic by utilizing just a few of the above methods.

Imagine the increased business, more web-traffic, the new customers, the email sign-ups, and above all else the money in the bank!

That’s the reality — It all starts with a simple article that you can hire a writer to write.

Are you ready to be a success? Are you ready to take control of your business and show the doubters that you’re a smart cookie when it comes to business?

Then get to work.

Certified Content Marketer — Freelance Writer.